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All matching or individual pieces of furniture?

Years ago, it was normal to buy whole sets of new furniture in the same types of wood and style.

If your living room furniture was mahogany then the rest of your home would continue this theme with similar dark wood furniture, maybe oak or dark elm.

Although having matching second hand furniture or new furniture does give your home a continued feel throughout, these days a lot of people are choosing their furniture piece by piece – mixing styles and thinking about which piece would look best in the space, whether it is second hand or new.

Furniture from different eras and different woods – light oak, dark oak, yew, pine or one of the many other types of wood – look wonderful together and you can change the themes which will give your home a different feel from room to room.   You can also add painted furniture in too!

It is more about the coming together of different woods, colours and styles rather than the traditions all light or all dark.  This new style, we believe, makes for a far more interesting look throughout the home. It also gives you the chance to choose more interesting individual furnishing rather than simply picking bits that match your other furniture.

Why second hand furniture is so popular at the moment

As well as the change from the traditional style of all matching furniture to having different woods, colours and styles of furniture, there are many other reasons why second hand furniture is increasing in popularity.

Second hand furniture is cost effective

Everyone loves to save a little bit of money.  With new furniture being very expensive, second hand furniture is the perfect option. Unlike other second hand markets such as cars or technology, there is very little difference between the second hand furniture we sell and new furniture.

We only select the finest pieces to come onto our showroom floor. Our restoration team will look over all furniture that comes in and thoroughly check the second hand furniture with our 100 point check system before it reaches the showroom floor. So a lot of our second hand furniture looks and feels practically brand new. The only difference between our second hand furniture and new furniture is the price.

Second hand furniture is the environmental option

In recent years, we’ve all had our eyes opened to the full effect that humans are having on this plant. If we all do a little bit every day, it can make a bit difference.

Buying well-loved second hand furniture, that in some cases is only a few years old and in others has been repaired and restored to a high standard, is a far more eco-friendly option than purchasing new furniture.

Most of our furniture here has existed for years, is made from reclaimed woods, or is old warehouse stock in need of a new home. As well as purchasing second hand furniture you can always bring your own second hand, vintage or antique furniture to us to have it mended, sanded, painted or restored. We have an excellent restoration team here at Huxley at Home with over 30 years of experience in repairing and restoring second hand, new, vintage and antique furniture. Whether it is a small revive and seat reupholster, repair and recolour, or if you want something painted, we are here every day of the week for a free consultation.  We strive to do our bit for you and the environment.

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